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Abundance is my birthright Wallet


Abundance is my birthright Wallet

~▪︎The Abundance Wallet▪︎~ is One of them 
This Code came through really clear 
Our BIRTHRIGHT is Abundance,
We ARE abundance,
There is !nothing! wrong with abundance,
This Code clears unconscious sabotaging thoughts and programming about money and opens you for a flow of abundance.
And i mean Abundance in every way ♡ so you become a money Magnet.
It is important for the money that wants to come your way, that you can place it in a clean environment (your wallet). Everything is energy, so if you have an old, ugly Wallet, with a lots of old Stuff in it, thats not a good environment for you to put your money in.
Thats why i thought, i need to create a wallet for abundance ♡
The code is handdrawn ♡
I will charge each one of them with my own light/heartlanguage before i send them to you ♡ and charge them up in a crystalGrid.
Investment in your own Abundance: 44,88 eu. Excl. Shippingcosts (from Holland)
Why 44,88€?
4+4=8 & 8 & 8 = 888 = Abundance Frequency ✨️?
I am not sure yet if i am going to make more wallets like these.
44,88 € stuk

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